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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monkey man in India | Guinness World Records

Monkey man in India
Monkey man in India
We find an mazing monkey man in India. He is a daring man from India as he can climb on to the walls, roofs, pillars, bridges in a minute. This Indian man is so flexible and so powerful so he now dubbed as the Monkey King has become an internet sensation video surfaced showing his amazing skills.
Meet Jyothi Raja, a young man from South India's Tamil Nadu state. They call him 'Kothi Raja' -- the 'Monkey Man'. The monkey man you can call in Indian Hindi Language as "spider man ka baap"  or Indian Spider man was amazing.

Story of this Monkey king
Once a poor laborer, Raju now makes a living entertaining visitors to Fort Karnataka with his amazing climbing skills. His climbing style is unlike any conventional climber I’ve seen before–he’s faster, riskier, and much more inventive. Because he climbs buildings seemingly effortlessly, some have compared his skill to acrobatics and parkour. But where did Raju’s talent really come from? It turns out he is self-taught and learned how to climb after watching monkeys and imitating them. This seems to be a pretty fail-safe method–after all, monkeys have been evolving to be expert climbers for millions of years. Once he learned how to climb, he began watching Spiderman movies for further inspiration.

See the video of this Monkey king at you tube to the below link-

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1 Responses to “Monkey man in India | Guinness World Records”

Michael david said...
February 27, 2011 at 6:22 PM

i don't think this Indian have got placed in Guinness world record, but this man really a real spider man

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