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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Funny Pranks - At Night

Here are some of the funny pranks that you would play on your friends at night:

If you are at sleepover with your friends, grab some make-up, make your face pale white,completely black or other dark color. Add eye shadow on your eye-lid. Use bright red, black or dark blue all over the lips.Finally take red blush and apply it in a prefect circle.You look like a clown..

Shake a person while sleeping with the light on they will freak looking at your face. It's so funny!! You will scare all of your friends.
Go one of your friend's house with some of your friends for a sleepover. Find them all asleep put some sour essence on their toothbrush and then wait until they brush up their scaggle teeth!! It's really a very sour prank that you ever played..   
Brought a bottle of Ketchup and spread the stuff  everywhere, then i screamed bloody murder. when your friends came in and see the blood everywhere and start gagging. then Laugh on them.   

- If you wanna to irritate your friends then perform following steps:    

- Glue down of someone's makeup to the counter. 

- Put itching powder on his/her toilet paper.  

- Put flour on their pillow.  

- If you are having some sleepover who you are just dying to a do a prank to, Her is a good one. You need another friend to help you pull it off. Have your friend to hold the girls arm up and get some meshed potatoes. Lift up her bra and smear the potatoes over her breast she'll be surprised when she wakes up the next morning. Also to embarrass her you can take some pics of her.   

- Wait until your friend is asleep, then get a bowl full of water and stick their hands in it. In the evening they will have  a rude awakening when they out that their bed are wet...                    

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joseph said...
February 27, 2014 at 2:54 PM

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