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Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Date Chinese Girls - Dating Tips

Imagine that you are a foreigner living in China and want to befriend a beautiful Chinese girl.One should keep in mind that first impression is a very important step in your bet to win girl’s heart.
Here are the some points which you should remember while dating a Chinese girl:-

  • First of all, don’t be in a hurry.As the old Chinese saying puts: “If you’re in a hurry, you cannot eat hot tofu”. Same rule applies to Chinese girls – especially hot ones .
  • Don’t approach a girl in the street and ask for phone number as your second sentence after saying “Hello, …”Even if you are handsome as Brad Pitt – your playboy’s attitude will not earn you points and the girl will possibly refuse by saying “Sorry, I don’t know you. Why should I give you my number?”
  • Don’t stare at a girl whom you don’t know. If you do so, it is not weird to hear in response like “Is there some problem with your neck?” or “What are you looking at? Did u never seen a beautiful in your past.
  • Don’t put yourself into trouble by arguing about Chinese politics. you might be unintentionally touch some sensitive topics which will make the girl feel bad.after all u don't want these rubbish topic will ruin your relationship.
  •  Important of all Don’t buy expensive gifts before she is your girlfriend.This will surely pressure a girl and put her in uncomfortable situation thinking that she owes you something.
  • Don't talk about your romantic past. Even save the spicy stories about one night stands of your male Friends. Most of the Chinese girls hate this.and naturally – when you date a Chinese girl – you should not wait for her to pay her own expenses.
On the other hand, do not go Dutch! In fact sharing restaurant expenses would be strange even between Chinese friends as both of them would be eager to pay for another.

Never cheat Chinese girls!!! they are frank and sincere and HATE to be cheated.  If they catch you on cheating – you will never get her back.
Keeping these easy points in mind will help you in saving from many troubles..
I wish you for Happy Dating..

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